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by Zheila
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Cold Fusion is the ultimate energy of tomorrow.
Cold Fusion is a safe way of creating nuclear reaction close to room temperature with water without the destructive force of nuclear weapon. Water this unexcitable source of energy; it can both be destructive as well as healing. Water covers 70% of our planet, this single hydrogen atom combined with oxygen shall warm the humanity and make us independent of fossil fuel. Energy creates civilization and without it society shall return to the era of cave dwellers.
The rage of the nature is greater than anything that men can withstand. The latest nuclear disaster of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi once more proved that when a country such as Japan that is the most earthquake and tsunami prepared country on the planet falls miserably on her knees in front of nature’s fury. The rest of countries must come to their senses and take the alternative energy source solution seriously. The Cold Fusion is able to create fusion minus its deadly radiation. The saga of Cold Fusion started in 1989 by two reputable chemistry professors Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman from University of UTA.
In their lab upon simple experiment with water, they were able to measure small amount of nuclear reaction by product including neutrons and tritium. The source of energy was Palladium (a chemical element which has the capability of absorbing hydrogen. It is a rare and precious metal). This creates a fusion. A fusion comes to existence when two light atoms such as hydrogen collides with a heavier atom and releases a lot of energy. Both scientists were amazed to see tremendous force of Cold Fusion without its deadly consequences. These scientists continued their research with their own money. But, unfortunately there were ridiculed immediately by powerful Oil Cartels that were witnessing the result of the experiment a dangerous competition for their businesses.
Years passed by with Cold Fusion getting no chance to express itself, until Dr. Mae-Wan-Ho from ISIS came across the pervious Cold Fusion impressive data. He filled out a report on 10, 23, 2007 Dr. Ho wrote, “The hydrogen or deuterium nuclei are trapped in the host lattice, and hence much closer together than they would otherwise be in the gas phase instead they merge into board bonds. Short vibrations of the Coulomb barrier and fuse.” (Dr. Ho, ISIS report). The report attracted the attention of many independent companies such as Energy Department as well as Toyota Company. Both companies have shown interest toward Cold Fusion and started their own research over this fire from water. Hopefully, Cold Fusion will be the winning source of energy for the third millenium without polluting the environment.
There are many benefits to use Cold Fusion: A car operated by Cold Fusion will improve air quality. It will eliminate the cost of maintaining gird and decentralized generators for power companies. The Cold Fusion generators are maintenance free.
Change is always hard. Jed Rothwell from Infinite Energy Magazine wrote,” Cold Fusion transport will culminate with the invention of the ultimate liberation machine a cost effective reusable space rocket will allow us to fly to the Moon as cheaply as we fly from New York to Tokyo.” (Rothwell, Infinite Energy). Years later the future generation will laugh at the thought of big companies that resisted the change. Cold Fusion is a friendly energy that will push our civilization behind stars.
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Originally Published January-February, 1997 in Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #12)
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