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Rated: 18+ · Folder · Contest · #1997463
Contains contest entries for Weekly Quickie contest.
This folder contains stories that have been submitted to the "Weekly Quickie" writing contest.
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    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2178099
    Cullen and Danielle give themselves to each other for Christmas.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2177045
    Nathen encounters his former high school sweetheart at their former hang out.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2176758
    Spiked eggnog leads to uninhibited holiday fun.
    Rated: GC · Fanfiction · #2094555
    Twilight: If Bella ended up with Jacob instead of Edward
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2092947
    An interruption leads to a surprise for Luke and Jason.
    Rated: GC · Romance/Love · #2090413
    Three part serial for rounds 206 - 208 of Weekly Quickie
    Rated: 18+ · Erotica · #2080499
    Alexander Marques shares a dance with his newest quary.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2077764
    Mark's new assistant exceeds his expectations.
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #2074021
    Getting caught in the rain.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2062384
    Two men and a woman at a masquerade.
    Rated: XGC · Gay/Lesbian · #2047968
    Scott and Brian consummate their civil union.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2044072
    A sorority hazing involving BDSM props from a hardware store.
    Rated: GC · Romance/Love · #2042859
    A couple says "good-bye" to their old house and "hello" to their new house.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2042592
    A military husband and wife return from seperate tours of active duty
    Rated: XGC · Romance/Love · #2041621
    Clara is seduced by a masked bandit while she is on her way to meet her future husband.
    Rated: GC · Romance/Love · #2040212
    Jamie tells his story about the summer he spent working for a widow on her farm.
    Rated: XGC · Romance/Love · #2038856
    Mike introduces Jill to anal sex.
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #2038027
    Taurus decides to kiss Gwen for the first time in their nine year friendship.
    Rated: GC · Romance/Love · #2037258
    Tom and Lynn explore a deeper relationship after receiving permanent positions at the zoo.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2035033
    Daniel envies his housemate Tom. He also harbors a desire to be Tom's lover.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2033598
    Two established couples celebrate their tenth anniversary together.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2032627
    Alice's Bride's Men and Man of Honor treat her to a Bachelorette weekend to remember
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2031102
    Brian fantasizes about Jill in the bath tub after seeing her at a Thanksgiving meal.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2021310
    Brian convinces Jessie to spend the night with him.
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2020632
    Ten year reunion leads to erotic pleasure with best friend's grown kid sister
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #2020303
    Tammy gives Chris a special thank you for helping her prepare for their exam
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2019155
    A soldier and a lady steal moments of pleasure in between her father's war campaigns.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2018812
    Lucifer opens Lilith's eyes. A snippet from "Trouble in Paradise".
    Rated: GC · Other · #2013912
    Liu Kang receives a surprise visitor after his first day at the tournament.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #2011597
    Liz gets stuck in a top load washer and Devin helps her out.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2009932
    A senator seduces her intern after he leaves a gag gift on her pillow.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2009032
    Two people set off fire works on the campus green.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2007525
    Maiyu goes from being a collared slave to a collared fiance
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2006408
    Brian shows up at Scott's for a night with the boys and gets more than he expects.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2005819
    Jurgen encounters an old college acquaintance at the airport, and fulfills a fantasy.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #2004235
    Lynn returns home to find her ex-boyfriend waiting on her front porch.
    Rated: GC · Adult · #1999796
    Cinderella's step sisters initiate her into their sisterhood.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #1998824
    Two roommates engage become intimate after he catches her fantasizing about him to get off
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #1997972
    Two friends are reunited where they first met agree to form a more intimate bond.
    Rated: GC · Contest Entry · #1997464
    A masters student engages in an elicit phone call with her professor.
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