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A work of flash non-fiction presenting an argument for common sense.
The Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

In the human experience no topic fosters more animosity, pain and suffering as discussions about religious beliefs. Politics is second, but nowhere close to the discord caused by disagreements over religion. Both are responsible for countless deaths among humanity and the destruction of civilizations from ancient times to the present. Such conflicts cause havoc beyond imagination. Planet Earth spins on toward its fate in a state of chaos. Do you ever wondered why this is so? The absence of common sense approaches to resolve humankind's most challenging encounters would be the correct response.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Any serious effort to understand the Bible and its effect on the minds and behaviors of men raises the same kind of inquiry. Did the writings of the Bible create the Church or was the Church created to combine religion with politics and shaped the Bible? Consider the spread of religious dogma combined with the negative effects of political dystrophy. Peace-loving people throughout the world have ample reason to be concerned.
Religion is dogmatic. Dogma in the wrong hands will always be dangerous and risky. Neither religion nor politics are intellectual games. The original purpose of each is to save the land and its people from suffering. The goal of religion is to help people open their minds in order to attain wisdom. Religion has always been intended to be people-centered. It is small wonder that today many religions appear to be powerful enemies of the people. The same holds true for politics.

The real messiah, or ones savior is common sense, which comes from within and never from anything outside of oneself. The biblical figure known as 'Christ' made sense when He spoke to the people. People followed Him not for absolution, miracles, free fish or bread but because he made sense.

Common sense is also the adversary of religious and political beliefs, which support dishonesty, duplicity and corruption. Why was the 'Christ' framed and persecuted by religious leaders and put to death through political law even though Pontius Pilate said: (Book of Luke 23:22) 'And he said to them the third time, Why, what evil hath he done? I have found no cause of death in him. I will therefore chastise him, and let him go.'

Note the spiritual implication of Pontius Pilate, which is: to bridge two bodies or to connect religion and politics. This is what is happening today in most countries and contributes to the planet's self-destruction. Christ did not distribute five pieces of fish and some bread to feed 5,000 people. Rather, he tried to teach them how to fish for spiritual food so they wouldn't be slaves any longer to the misguided religious beliefs of man, beliefs leading to behaviors that separate mankind from the Spiritual realm of whatever god they worship. True Spirituality can only be found within ones heart, never in the space between ones ears.
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