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Essays and poems to be included in my book; publishing with authorhouse.com.
Dear Reader,

Help me select my title: this book will be poems and essays on my experience with the mental diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Which title would you BUY?

Kaleidoscope or Emotional Blood ???

If you read an item and have suggestions for improvement, please let me know via my e-mail (Patrice@Writing.com).

Also, if you run across an item that does not feel like it belongs, I'd appreciate your input. The anthology will be my work--it's difficult to self edit. As a matter of fact, I really need help as to repeating myself. I have read everything in this manuscript so many times. I repeat once, maybe twice for emphasis: beyond that is an error to be edited. If you find a spot like that, PLEASE e-mail me.

Still in the planning process of publication with AuthorHouse.com . Plans are to have the manuscript formatted and to the printer before school starts in the fall.

The Wall - My Survival , My Destruction  (13+)
Reflections on the challenges of living with a mental illness and personal barriers faced
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