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Stories from a friendship
Notes on a Friendship:

"We talked books. We just simply enumerated books without end, praising or damning them, and arranged authors in neat pews.... No pastime is more agreeable to people who have the book disease, and none more quickly fleets the hours, and none more delightfully futile."   ~Arnold Bennett (1867–1931)

My friendship with Barb began before
either of us knew it was to be, when I
(and she), on a whim to find out more
about an upcoming TV show during
the summer of 2001, braved the then-
unknown waters of the Internet and
wandered innocently into the message
forum of that show. It was the simplest
twist of fate that would alter both our
lives for the rest of our lives and enrich
us both beyond measure.

Here are some of the stories of that
friendship that began
at The Ponderosa.

                    See also these blog entries detailing fun and frolic as well as tragedy and victory and more than one calamity!

Barbara E, Taylor
2.23.1947 - 7.15.2015

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