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Collections of Haiku/Senryu Verse
All my waking life,
I've trusted those gone before,
Blind to deception.

Traditional Haiku Structure

The structure of a traditional haiku is always the same, including the following features:
1. There are only three lines, totaling 17 syllables.
2. The first line is 5 syllables.
3. The second line is 7 syllables.
4. The third line is 5 syllables like the first.
5. Punctuation and capitalization are up to the poet, and need not follow the rigid rules used in structuring sentences.
6. A haiku does not have to rhyme, in fact usually, it does not rhyme at all.
7. It can include the repetition of words or sounds

My Poetry  (E)
Come as you are.
#2034965 by Strange Brain

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