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A helpful way to get past the "Curse of the White Page"
The easiest way to become a proficient writer is to get away from yourself.

You were there when you decided to become a writer.

You were there with all the stupid mistakes at the beginning.

You were there at every stage of that journey of learning.

Now, when you think about it, that's a lot of baggage to carry along when all you should really be thinking of is how to make

your current writings the best they can be.

I have a suggestion...

Dump your baggage at the door!

Don't think of where you've been!

Don't think of where you want to be!

Don't think of YOU at all!

Unless your writings are autobiographical, get yourself out of there!

Create a new Reality.

Then fill that Reality with people, places, and things.

Then flesh out that Reality, let it breathe!

Don't make it yours.

Let it become itself.

See what happens.

Remember, writing is like a marriage.

You wouldn't marry yourself, you already have you.

You married someone to fill in the gaps of your life that you cannot touch.

Let your writing develop the same way.

Stay out of it, let it develop on its own.

Insert the characters that belong in that reality.

Your writing will become natural if you can stay out of the way.

Good Luck!

Good Writings!
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