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Examples of framing things
Making WdC Covers

Making a graphic cover for your contest entry adds focus and visual impact to your work. Off sized covers look so unprofessional and can distract from reading flow.

Why not use a quick and easy way to fill that pesky sized square WdC requires for cover art?
(Youtube tutorial walk-through coming soon)

This three-step guide requires a free Gmail account and use of the equally free 'Photo' section.

1. Open the photo stored in Google Photos to be used as your cover.
2. Click on 'edit' - the second option in the top left set of icon selections
3. Click on the far right option in the set of icon selections and select 'square'

You are done. Now you can upload the graphic and it will fit the format required by WdC covers.

Have fun.
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    Graphic for ? Why ? Why Not ? contest
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/2144584-Graphically-Speaking