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by Emily
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NaNo Winner 2018! — Jon wakes up in 2353 in a body that isn’t his own
NaNo Winner 2018! — Jon wakes up in 2353 in a body that isn’t his own

In 2018, Jonathan Towne and his wife Valerie elected to have their brains cryogenically preserved with the promise of being awoken together in the future when the technology existed. However, when Jon is revived and finds that his wife was woken 40 years earlier, it becomes a race to find her in the unfamiliar and sinister world of 2353 where memories are a commodity and fear of a mysterious Plague is still fresh in people's minds. Through their proprietary "Memory Trips," the ALTO Corporation keeps the city brainwashed with memories of the world before the Plague stolen from "Returners" like Jon and Val. If Jon doesn't find Val in time, she may have all her memories of him and their world stolen. To find her, Jon must befriend a sentient Projection TV named Cy, decipher clues from Fraggers, and pursue the tribe of rebel "Nons" living in the Wastes. But at each turn, Val seems further and further away and the ALTO Corporation's control and power continues to grow.

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Author's Note: Remember, as this is my Nano project, it is a very rough draft. Straight off the press, as it were. I know there are grammar and punctuation errors - these will be edited after November. I also know I do a lot of telling rather than showing, and my transitions between scenes leave something to be desired. There are probably also plot holes. If you choose to review, please know that I will be giving this story many more passes, and what you read will not be the final product. All chapters are set to reviews only, no ratings. Thank you! *Bigsmile*

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