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Jack finds a patch.
In The Patch

Jack O. Lantern was a skilled pumpkin carver. But no one these days wanted his skills.

“Not even folks in the big mansions, hotels and department stores, hire me anymore. They all hold contests, hire amateurs or get their staffs to do them!”

Soon, as can be expected, he fell on hard times. At last, he was forced to move into a local pumpkin patch.

“Halloween is tonight, I want, no I need to carve some pumpkins or I’ll lose my skills all together.”

He stared at each pumpkin left in the patch and soon the chips flew from his chisel and saw. He made evil ones, jolly ones, ornate ones and just plain scary ones. In no time at all, every pumpkin left in the field was carved and Jack was exhausted.

He lay down in the center of the patch and fell fast asleep. As the moon rose, The Great Pumpkin came flying through the air. When he saw the beautiful patch below him, he landed and inspected it.

“This is beautiful carving work! It deserves to come alive!” he mused softly.

With a wave of his tendrils and leaves, each pumpkin in the patch glowed with light. Not just regular light either; neon purple, green, yellow and blue. Some shot sparkles from their eyes or mouth.

Nodding with satisfaction, TGP took off again. The pumpkin farmer spotted the blinding glow from his window and went out to investigate. When he saw the amazing show, he made sure all the trick or treaters that came to his house as well as the kids in his own family saw the spectacular sight.

All the commotion woke Jack. He jumped up with a start. His jaw dropped when he saw the beauty that his carvings now had.

“How? When? Who?” he mumbled.

“I have no idea son! Is this carving all your work?” the farmer asked him from the fence.

Jack went over to him and nodded.

“In that case, how would you like a job every Halloween from now on? I could hold tours and we could split the money.”

Jack eagerly said yes.

“What will you do the rest of the year?” asked the farmer.

“I could help you on the farm. Plus I’ve always wanted to try my hand a carving wood.”

“I’ll be stuffed with pumpkins!” the farmer exclaimed.

He began to tell him that he used to carve himself, still had all the tools, but couldn’t do it any more due arthritis.

“I kin give you room and board for help in the patch and a share of the profits from your carving.”

The two men shook hands on the deal and stood looking at the radiant patch.

“How about some coffee and pumpkin tarts to seal the deal,” the farmer suggested.

“Sounds good to me!” Jack said as his stomach growled.

The two men laughed at the sound. Jack cleared the fence with one leap and joined the farmer in the trip down the dirt road to the farmhouse.

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