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The MechGrammical forum, plus contests and images.

MechGrammical is a forum is the place to visit in order to ask questions about grammar and writing mechanics, answer others' questions, and participate in (and maybe run) quick activities. There also links to helpful articles on the subject. If you know of any or want to write one, step inside to learn more!

"The Lodestar Contest is an annual contest that changes every round, but is always looking for someone to set an example—to be a guiding light. You know, a lodestar. If you've known me around here for years, you may remember the Tangent Universe Contest—definitely a precursor to Lodestar. The TUC was, also, a contest that was different every round. One of these days I'm going to figure out that the concept of an ever-changing contest just doesn't have lasting power. But I love doing it! And so.

"Reviewers of the Moon and Star made such an impression on me that I had to put the winners' announcement in an item of its own. Only in WYRM's Gauntlet   have I ever been so impressed with the entries in a reviewing contest. It was so great, and I learned so much, and not just about the item under review. My reviewing got better after this. My writing got better after this. My philosophy on judging contests changed. In a lot of ways, this contest changed me, and I credit everyone linked in this bulletin with that.

"Images should be pretty self-explanatory. The ones I use as headers and illustrations are usually on private access because I want you to see them in context, you know? The ones I use as signatures are visible, along with the ones that have a story to them (contained in the image items. I hardly ever remember to use signatures, except for the ones I use from "WYRM, so it seems only fair that they're visible somewhere.
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    Looking for a guiding light. The 2023 round is closed. Judging in process.
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