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There are a couple of non-genre pieces, but most run the gamut of speculative fiction.

All of my stories are related to one another by some degree, but not even I am willing to get caught up in straightening out that web. Here's a start, though. Everything linked here is meant to stand on its own, regardless of association.

*Reading* This emoticon and text color signifies novella-length items.

*Reading* This emoticon and text color signifies novel-length items.

*Key* This emoticon signifies items on restricted access. If any of them interest you, drop me a line and I'll hook you up with a passkey.


"Belonging To 13+: Casey remembers that time he and his brother bonded over one simple goal.
"Bird of Hope 13+: Maddie is looking for the perfect wedding present for Anna.
"Refrain 13+: You just keep playing the piano.
"Worse Than This GC: Some people only see the scars.
"Automatic Flowers XGC: "These automatic flowers won't do." --Our Lady Peace, "Automatic Flowers"
*Reading* "Kate & Asa 18+: A tragedy pushes two people apart, but doesn't let them abandon one another completely.

         --Genre Fiction--


"The Way Through 18+: You either come out of the forest a Keeper, or you belong to the dark-bringers.
"A Strong Sense of Self 13+: Danai struggles to belong. March 2016 'What a Character' winner.
"Blue-Striped Fish GC: Yaefrem the mage needs Nidita's head to answer a question.
"Homunculus 13+: Life on the island is lonely until Eiolon makes a friend.
*Reading* *Key* "Another World's Star 18+: From far enough away, all stars look the same.
     First chapter: "House of the Raven


"New Species 18+: A man hears a strange animal call in the night.


"The [Clockwork] Raven 13+: The goading of Edgar Allan Poe in an alternate world.

     Paranormal / Supernatural

"Pilot of the Storm 18+: Amos is a Traveler. His sister's plea has called him home.
"Is This Seat Taken? 13+: Angel on a plane.
"Positive Image 18+: Casey's cousin finds a picture that doesn't exist.
"Agate 18+: The stranger looked at Travis like he was a ghost, and moved to intercept.
"Sunlight on Treetops 13+: A chance for romance at the Texas Renaissance Festival.
"Shimmer ASR: "I have to bring you into another world, little one. Don't be scared."
"Mercy 13+: A cat with a mission.
"Game Warden 18+: Chapter One: Encounter on a country road.
*Reading*"Houses of the Holy 18+: Inspired by the songs on the Led Zeppelin album: Isaiah can visit parallel worlds.
*Reading*"History for Sale 18+: A story about astral projection and a troubled mind, inspired by a Blue October album.
*Reading*"Conservation of Light 13+: A mystery painting and a jar full of fireflies.
*Reading*"The Fall 18+: "Don't come in here expecting me to read you the Bible."

*Reading* *Key* "Alternate Spectrum 18+: Tivacan is a pill that lets people see "fairies."
*Reading* *Key* "Lord of Hosts NPL: Isaiah can visit alternate versions of himself.

     Paranormal / Supernatural: vampires

"A Calling 18+: Blake sought purpose, but purpose found him first.
"I Read for You 18+: This is meant to be a sort of love letter, in thought, from a human to a vampire.
*Reading* "Tell Me It's Real 18+: Inspired by a Seafret album: an immortal being tries to remember his past and his purpose.
*Reading* *Key* "Afterglow Series GC: The novels AFTERGLOW (under revision) and HUMANITY (completed).
**Reading* "Beauty and the Beast GC: A vampire. A human. Thoughts of love from one to the other. And more.
**Reading* "Beauty and the Beast, #101+ GC: A human. A vampire. Thoughts of love from one to the other, and much more.
**Reading* "Beauty and the Beast # 201-? GC: The story goes on. Don't start here. Start at the beginning. Links in the description.

*Co-written with Dark Lady

         --Related stories--

     Kate & Asa and their friends

John & Blue: "Shimmer
Casey & Logan: "Belonging To
Kate & Corey: "Worse Than This
Casey & Asa: "Positive Image}
Daryl has cameos in a novel series, but they're only cameos: *Reading* *Key* "Afterglow Series
The main Kate & Asa story: *Reading* "Kate & Asa

     Different versions of Isaiah, who can visit different versions of himself.

From his uncle's point-of-view, when Isaiah was a child: "Pilot of the Storm
One version of adult Isaiah in a failing relationship: "Refrain
Another version, finding out alternate versions exist: "Agate
Yet another version, using his ability to find someone: *Reading* "Houses of the Holy
Cameo of one "core" version of Isaiah: "Positive Image
The novel with the "core" version(s) of Isaiah: *Reading* *Key* "Lord of Hosts

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