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These are my attempts at Acrobatics rounds, most of which I did not enter.
My goal is to create phrases or poems for all the Acrobatics rounds. The only one I actually entered was # 80.
Some of the rounds I had to guess at which were actual letters and which were wild cards, especially when there was only one winner..

For Acrobatics, none of the entries prior to Round 113 except for Round 80 were submitted. I did these as a creative exercise. Check out this activity!
I supply an acronym; you make up what it stands for. My favorite entries win gift points!
#921363 by Cosmikraken

Here is where I got the requirements for the earlier rounds. I had to deduce what the requirements were. Not always easy to figure out.
 ACRO*BATICS All-Stars  (13+)
Winning acronyms for ACRO*BATICS.
#921364 by Cosmikraken
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