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Disturbed album for the Musicology Anthology
The reason I've chosen this album is because it was my anthem album as I protested my way through college. I had a lot of bad policies just in my city that needed to be taken out, and every time I fought, I thought of the songs within this album, and they gave me courage and a fury uncontained by my enemies.

According to DISTURBEDpedia, the song Ten Thousand Fists was “Meant to signify unity and strength, the kind of elation and power that can be felt at a momentous rock show. It’s speaking to the nonbelievers: You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of ten thousand fists in the air.”

I wanted so badly to bring that unity and strength to my city and possibly my country. This is a tribute to those times I believed I could make real change in the world.
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