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This is a Fantasy Adventure that you create!

Can you defeat Frontag and discover where the seven pieces of the magical wand is in time to save the Kingdom of Mascaleia? Dragana is throwing evasive riddles at you and your trying to figure their meaning without upsetting or even angering her. Frontag's little trolls are aiding their master by trying to pit the world into utter darkness.

Your goal is to save the endangered Unicorn. For without this gentle animal of virtue, there will be no balance of power; no good verses evil, no good magic verses bad magic.

Can you do it? Do you accept the challenge? The world is in need of your help. Destroy the evil warlord, discover the secrets to the riddles...to point the way to the wand and save the unicorn. Good Luck!!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/224152-Scenario-Five