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... sure are Grinners!
Before anything else, I must confess medals in the picture above are NOT mine (by winning, that is). They were won by my late mother and I have inherited them.

The large one is the Order of Australia Medal, granted to my mother for being the longest serving volunteer at our Adelaide Children's Hospital, for services above and beyond the call of duty with dreadfully disabled, sick and needy children. She protested loudly about this award, insisting she was 'only a housewife' and 'just an ordinary Mum and Gran'. This was incorrect... she was extraordinary and most dearly loved by many. The smaller fascimiles of the main medal were to be worn on various official occasions.

It seems fitting her recognition should grace this collection of my 'wins'. Although we have shared many skills, and others are far removed from each other's... I am after all, my mother's daughter. She would be as proud of me these days as I was of her, watching her walk down the aisle of Government House to receive this award from the Governor of South Australia of that day.

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