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Poem about Cruising the Boulevard
A couple of days ago
We went to the Drive-in picture show
Social distance possible with cars galore
After the virus there be room for more
Thanks to Corona We relive yesterday.
Reopening the old, now New and here to stay

Cleaned up my 56 Chevrolet with it's four on the floor
Ushered my wife out & opened her door
"Taking the Hot Rod?" my wife wanted to know
"Sure be like old times at the Drive-in picture show

"just Me & You!" on a date
won't it be great
"You & Me out on a date?"
"My Daddy my says not to be late

Daddy also said you'd be dead,
if you harmed one hair on my pretty head
still you got me home at Half past two!"
Thought for sure we were through!

He threatened you with your life!
"Yet 25 plus years now I have been your Wife!

Your dad, if he only knew the facts to be fair
How his daughter stole my virtue in the back seat of this old Belaire!

Right then & there my wife's began to blush
Slugged me in the arm, said "We had some good times, & you need to hush!"

I opened the door and let her in
Your carriage my lady I taunted with a grin.
Now for Root beer at A&W Drive-in!

Root beer float sounds so good,
But, We have to get our order to go! is that understood?
Or we will miss the show!

It's a gathering of Hot rods, and Boulevard cruisers of all ages from young to old
Be it patina-n-rust, Custom paint-n-chrome, or even gold

All are excepted no matter the ride
I swear to you as I got nothing to hide
Bike & Car people are the best folk
Look out for each other, that's no joke

Pulling into A&W's lot, Friends point wave & stare
They are surprised that my wife and I are really there

I beam with pride showing off My old ride
Wife in the center by my side
That's my girlfriend, my love, my bride

Gatherings are smaller now with this virus bug
Elbow bumps, & mask replace hand shakes & hugs,

Our order came it was indeed to go
we save it for the Drive-in picture show
Hanging out with your friends, is lot's of fun
time was getting short we had to run

We wave bye bye to the folks we know,
Just a half hour till start of the show
Out onto the street turning right
in a second or two we were out of sight.

One cruise down the boulevard like we use to do
Cruising use to be bumper to bumper & the thing to do
Any week-end night that was the place to be
Socializing for the ages 16 to 23.

Now Cruising is against the law!
I guess cruising is not part of our City fathers history,
For the young and young at heart downtown has a natural draw,
and a natural mystery!

So if you live where cruising is still allowed
embrace it, support the hobby that promotes hot-rod history and be proud!
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