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All are welcome here...enter the darkness with me.
Writing a story is sort of like falling into a dream...
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         Psychology has always fascinated me. These tales are more "psychological frights" than "horror"; here, you'll find stories that come from the darker corners of my mind. I like to write Psychological horror--more like the demons of the mind than the demons of the flesh. You won't find any blood 'n' gore here. Well...maybe a little blood, but no gore, anyway.          *Smirk* Many of my stories come from my nightmares...that feeling that reality is slipping away from you, ever so slowly, so that soon, you're entering...the dark side.
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Writing is kind of like magic, in how we can just create worlds, characters, and dreams. I think you have to be a bit crazy to write, but conversely, I also think that writing helps to keep me sane. Writing seems to help alleviate my cynicism, my doubt, my worries and my fears.
         So, welcome to my nightmares. Please let me know what you think of my work. I always appreciate honesty more than undeserved praise.

"Your stories always seem to have a unusual dream-like quality about them." --fabulous compliment made by kip .

also known as Dark Dreams.

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