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Just suppose Writing.Com were a top secret agency rather than just a website
Writing.Com is not what you think. On the surface it is the best writer's site on the web. But under that, it is really a top secret multinational agency for world security. Who better to protect the world than authors? They're creative, smart, and knowledgable. Hey, it could happen.

Welcome to the Secret Transnational Organization for Real Improvement of Earthly Security.


The stories contained in this folder are true. Only the names have been changed for security purposes. Well, actually the names and some of the events. Well, okay, all the events.

In fact every thing that is written here is completely made up, although the names of some of the characters are actual handles of members of the Writing.Com website and everyone named is a wonderful person whose portfolio is well worth visiting.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/458615-Agents-of-STORIES