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Ahhh, sitting there and looking pretty...yes they are...
This is where I keep all of my statics...note how they are nicely organized into four different folders...

Poetry and Lyrics: All of those items that are of a more lyrical and/or poetical nature. These are also my newer pieces. As they get older, they get moved to the "Older" folder as evidence of my growth as a poet.

Stories/Articles/Essays/Rants: These are my stories that don't fit into the category of my special pieces that I have highlighted in their own folder. This doesn't mean I love them less. I absolutely adore my stories...they are like my children. Like the poetry, as they get older, they get moved into the "Older" folder.

Basically, the two folders that say "Older" contain stuff that was written a while ago. I wish I still had the stuff from when I first joined...then you could REALLY see how much I've grown over the years. It's older, but that doesn't mean that that's how I write...it's how I WROTE. I'm not editing it because it's a part of my past, so keep that in mind.
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