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Come fly with me to distant lands, to a sea of distant stars...


This is the folder picture for Science Fiction Stories.


Imagination is the cornerstone of change.

Do not turn away from such possibilites.

This could be our future.

Perhaps, it's where we want to go,

Or where we don't.

But either way, please come along.

The voyage will be an adventure

Into another place and time.

This is a friendly alien.


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Two Poems: Complaint and Praise  (ASR)
These are both science poems about space, my favorite kingdom.
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The Beginning of Our Tomorrows  (E)
July 21, 1969
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Bound for Andromeda & Sleepin’ In  (13+)
I don't want to spend my time sleeping; soon there'll be plenty of time for that.
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Warmth  (E)
In fantasy lie different customs.
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Poems of Science  (E)
Science is the place where fantasy and hope co-mingle.
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This is an illustration for the children's story, the Alien and the Easter Bunny.

P.S. If you enjoyed these, there are also some science fiction
in the Children's Folder that are fun! The following is a sample:

Me and My Dad  (E)
When her dad told her he was an alien, he worried that she wouldn't love him.
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This is the illustration for the Outer Space Bound February Editorial.


And if you prefer adult-- erotica:

The Uniform  (GC)
All he saw was the uniform . . .
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Adapting on the Planet Fless  (XGC)
Sometimes we must crawl out of our inhibitions and adapt.
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~~~~~ Caution not for under 18 years of age or those with heart conditions ~~~~

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