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Within lie secrets, emotions, and things which should be locked up forever ...
This is the title page for Adult Fairytales & Other Horrors

The Egyptian goddess and gods play rough.

Only advance, if you're adult enough,

And don't expect that you won't blush

Or, become slightly a little over-flushed.

Cinderella becomes a real bad girl;

She's rather wicked beneath those curls.

Tales of saloon girls and dancing teachers

Parade in words of varied features.

Then there are journeys into the dark

Where nightmares prowl with sci/fi sharks.

So, please don't expect to go through this door

Unless you're brave and desire  M





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Currently in its rough draft stage is my NaNo 2013 novel: The Downside of Solar Panels -- a young witch decides to install solar panels on the cottage where she lives. But how can she achieve her goal of financial independence when a warlock, werewolves, ghosts and a neighborhood vampire keep intruding?


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