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by Shaara
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Science is the place where fantasy and hope co-mingle.
I adore science.
It is the flight into fantasy which is happening in real life.
It is the voyage of the human mind,
the positive,
the enlightenment,
the journey of promise . . .

The following is not a poem.
Yes, I know it does not flow, or rhyme,
or spark images as a poem should do.
It is only a statement of my belief,
the answer to all those who do not feel
that science is a positive
climate of improvement.
And, yes, I realize that science
can be our downfall.
It is driven by men
who are no more perfect than you or I,
but it is still the instrument by which
humanity can find the future, a future
that will be as unbelievable as a Star Wars flick.

And that future is happening today;
we just do not see it.
Like that person losing weight,
if we are too close, seeing him or her day-by-day,
we do not notice the loss of pounds,
the reconstruction of the steadily slimming body.
We have to step away to observe, to look back.
Then, it hits us -- that person is new to our eyes.

Such is happening with science.
How far we have gone, not in loss, but in gain.
Miracles are all about us.
I have two friends who were saved by Chemo.
Both would have died if
they had been diagnosed five years ago!
We think modern medicine is slow,
but look how far we've come!

I have built my life
around a computer -- a technology
so beyond belief that I can form friendships
and talk instantly with those across the world.
I have eaten freeze-dried ice cream,
microwaved my food,
taken pictures that instantly go to other people.
I can bank on-line, purchase presents
with the touch of a finger,
and listen to music from groups I've never heard.
The cause of all of these is science.

even if you are not a science lover
as I am,
please journey through my port,
and look for a moment through my eyes
to at least take a peek at why
I believe so optimistically
in the promise of tomorrow.


         This is the picture when he's all grown up.

                   Space Dollars

         So many people I know
         lay seige to the science dollar.
         "Who needs a space station?"
         they demand with smirks.
         "Cancel the Viking probes.
         Who cares what's on Pluto?
         There are no aliens, anyhow.
         It's all a waste of money."

         It's often said the cost
         of inquiry is much too high:
         Researching the unknowns,
         Probing the chasms of ocean,
         Or scouring for rare plants.
         Don't you hear people saying,
         that money should be spent
         on eradicating poverty
         and feeding the poor?

         But it seems to me
         in my dreams and thoughts,
         that science isn't an erector set
         of nuts and bolts and beams.
         Growth is not lateral vs. vertical.
         Science opens wide the lens
         that filters light within.
         So as we continue exploration,
         science shines answers
         to questions not yet asked.

         We, as citizens of tomorrow,
         must beg for the continuation
         of research into the whys and hows.
         We must probe and poke and pry
         to question and to wonder
         about the earth and all its life,
         to find the answers even when
         we do not yet visualize the need.

         This is an illustration for my novella that I made through an illustrators program.

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