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The items in this folder all contain stories about my pet parrots.
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Maya-An African Grey who can mimic sounds and whistles songs. Hatched 6/11/2000

Donavan- A Gold Capped Conure. He has had at least four differnt homes and even though we have had him for three years, he has behavioral issues. May Donavan rest in peace died 10-1-2006

Annabelle- A Sun Conure who was born December 18, 1999. She is beautiful. If she had her way, she would be the only pet in the Bateman household. She is jealous of the others and manages to tolerate Donavan.

Sydney-A Green-winged Macaw who is three years old. She almost died at birth. Her survial left her with a digestive disability. Her crop is continually full and she looks like she has a pregnant stomach.

Sweetie-A Double Yellow Headed Amazon. Am excellent talker and a wannabe singer. He is a clown in every sense of the word.

Mullet--A Nanday Conure who loves the entire family. He has a limited vocabulary which includes the phrase, "Good Morning" that he uses at the appropriate time of day. Hatched 6-22-99

Noah---An African Grey rescued from an owner who has developed a pulmonary disease. He is at least five years old and has adjusted to our family remarkably well. He picks up sounds and words quickly. Maya, the female African Grey enjoys his company.
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    Our newest addition to the flock.
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    The newest addition to our flock
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    Folder contains 'interviews' with my seven pet parrots.
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    My African Grey
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    My greenwing macaw
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    My Sun Conure
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    An acrostic poem expressing my love for my pet parrots.
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    Maya, my Africa Grey parrot
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    Anything parrot-related.
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    Work in progress. Birds are so much fun
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    My pet conure, Annabelle
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    I am still working on this
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