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A fantasy novel that I finished writing. Please comment on a chapter or the tale overall.
Whelp, this novel is finally complete! I'm so excited! The revisions are done, and I hope to have the chapters re-posted on here soon. I have sent it off to a total of three companies, and I received rejections from Wizards of the Coast, Last Knight Publishing, and EDGE Fantasy Publishing. I'm currently looking into sending it off to a new company once I finish my last revisions. Feel free to leave any comments as I adore them. It will help me out a lot, since I am very serious about getting this work polished and published. Please try not to send your comments annonymously, because I would really want to message you back! Thanks!

Synopsis: The quiet town of Oneria is attacked late in the night and the princess is kidnapped. Having no other alternative, King Gregory Delencor turns to others for help and assembles a group of heroes to go out and return his daughter. Seems simple enough, right? Things don't go quite as planned as things get twisted and turned upside down time and time again, leading the heroes of the story down a path that none of them want to take.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/668115-Book-1-Passage-into-Darkness