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My completed stories and poetry
I have no idea why this folder is rated 18+, there's nothing 18+ in it! Jealous Murder and Igloo were written when I was 14, Responsibility two years ago when I was 19. I can't seem to find anything I wrote in between although I know I wrote a fair bit when I was 17 in my Advanced English class last year of school. I believe the English department may have stolen it *Pthb*.

A running theme through my work is that it tends to involve children and tragedy. The tragedy usually centres around a relationship, be it family, friendship or romance.

EDIT: Folder now contains a poem, "My Riddle", which is a bit of fun and doesn't involve children, tragedy, or relationships. Well I had to break the trend some time!
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    Rated: ASR · Family · #1156455
    There are some responsibilities that shouldn't lie on shoulders so young...
    Rated: E · Family · #423144
    Out in the frozen wasteland, Michael hasn't got much time if he wants to survive
    Rated: 13+ · Mystery · #419188
    My first attempt at Mystery. A girl is murdered out of jealousy.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/694564-Short-Stories-and-Poems