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Things that are bouncing around inside my head.
Things that make me want to wright. All these Ideas bounce around in my head all the time but neve knew how to get them out. Now I can and I look forword to doing it.
Please I am always looking for more ideas to add to my stories if you have an idea that might make my story better please email me.

NOTES: How does someone make a sean in a story to come LIFE?
Answer: Use Sensory Words to paint a picture that the reader can see in their head.

Sensory words are basically words that describe whatever the character sees, hears, smells, tastes, feels, etc. Most people write only what the character sees. Those others can really draw in a reader exactly.

Example:The birds song trilled sweetly as a symphony upon the light of the blooming day.Reminding her of warm spring days of her past. The underlined words are sensory words to let you know the time of day and how the birds sang. It let you picture a sweet song not just a bunch a screaming birds that don't sound pleaseing to the ear. You can picture everything in your head.

Another Example from one of my stories: The fire was burning brightly in the fireplace, casting dancing shadows upon the walls. The room was warm and cozy as the two lovers lay upon the pallet of blankets in front of the roaring fire. They were so engrossed with each-other that they did not hear the howling wind blow across the window making is shake and shudder. They did not hear the burning wood snap and pop as the fire danced joyfully across the dry wood.

Remeber to paint a picture in your mind then write it down useing colors, feelings, and sound to bring it to life.

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