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by Apollo
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She looked for the beginning. He looked for the end. Together, they found a present.
"He counteth the number of stars; he giveth names to them all."
- Psalms 147:4

         Astrophella Andromeda Armstrong is a weird girl. The first thing that makes her such is her name. The second thing is the people that gave her the name. They just have to be weird. The third thing is that she doesn't know who they are at all. She doesn't know herself, either. Neither does her surrogate "mother", Aeres, who saved her during the process of her own suicide. This woman doesn't even know herself. Nobody knows who they are, anymore, in the gang-war-torn city of Valhalla, the City of Stars. Everybody around this nocturnal, dreamless, star searching girl is either searching the dark skies of their own souls or moving out as quickly as they moved in.
         One new family makes everyone's skies starrier, but a bit darker. For Astrophella, it makes her nights dreamier than they've ever been.
         And so it begins.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/744104-Live-I-City-of-Stars