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A Christmas time tale of the infamous rogue, Jim King AKA King Jim
Jim King, a struggling, Depression era farmer whose land included no small frontage along the Arkansas River near Redfield, Arkansas, was often forced to augment his earnings by ways and means which did not necessarily draw praise from his peers or those who felt it important to pass judgment. Jim enjoyed checkers, strong drink, handsome women and gambling. The order in which he enjoyed such pleasures depended on his mood.

The town of Redfield, rather moody itself, also knew him as "King Jim" for both his popularity and his notoriety. King Jim, through circumstances which were not his own doing, felt it necessary to visit Hattie Jo's General Store more often as Christmas approached. Hattie Jo's store, located in the exact center of town, three blocks from the viaduct which spanned the railroad tracks, attracted many colorful and eccentric citizens; certainly a place where King Jim could easily expand an already spurious reputation.

I do hope you will enjoy the story, two thousand have already. And if you do or even if you do not, say so in your review, but please, feel free to comment on how it can be improved.

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Jerry Powell
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