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Come step into the world of the goblin adventurer named Chuba!
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Welcome to the World of Chuba and his misadventures!

Chuba is your typical goblin slave turned adventurer who happens to have a love for adventure, dupping those who think they are "superior" to him, and above all else, donuts.

He was created by me several years ago as an answer to the "Maiden of Pain" open call put forth by Wizards of the Coast and he has since grown into his own, creating an anthology and a wealth of short stories.

"Goblin Tails: The Anthology" is the book that started it all and was put together by Poison Clan Press. It features writers such as Ed Gentry, Harley Stroh, Christina Talley-McCoy, Mike Wallace, and several more!

Goblin Tails is now out of print. If you would like to obtain a copy, please email me at silverfyre@writing.com and I will see what I can do about obtain one for you.
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