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I am an aspiring song writer, who puts my entire heart and soul into my work. I believe first and foremost, to tell a good story, not just slap something together in a few minutes. Most of my songs have been written from personal experience. This makes them very special to me. I hope to one day write lyrics for face down records. Please take time to read, review and rate them. I'd greatly appreciate it. Praise and glory unto my KING... Jesus Christ
    Rated: E · Religious · #1651756
    Are you helping or hurting the cause, and just who are you helping or hurting?
    Rated: E · Religious · #1604259
    Anger for the devil. Reminding him what will happen when Christ returns.
    Rated: E · Religious · #1602245
    Establishing to the other side, who is stronger, who will endure and who will perish.
    Rated: E · Religious · #1596161
    My belief of how God exists.
    Rated: E · Religious · #1547545
    Thoughts on my mind, put to paper. Please read review & rate
    Rated: 18+ · Dark · #1547236
    Pissed off, venting and emulating Mick Foley's craziest character. Please review and rate.
    Rated: 18+ · Dark · #1547234
    Story of a mental patient, who's family visits just before he escapes. Please review&rate
    Rated: 18+ · Dark · #1547229
    Self Diagnosis. Please read, review and rate.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1547227
    the possible end of a relationship. Fighting for what you love. Please review and rate.
    Rated: 18+ · Dark · #1547225
    Just need to relax and turn my brain off. Please read, review and rate.
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