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I work in Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Services - I enjoy writing fictional-short stories & have been published in anthologies. I enjoy reviewing - since I read voraciously and some say indiscriminately - I love the written word and have a HUGE respect for any writer who cogently spins a tale! So, I look forward to reading your contributions *BookOpen* and I happily review upto 2000 word pieces of either fiction or non-fiction. ~ *ThumbsUp* *Delight* P.S. The cover photo is from a trip in my 59th year with my youngest son: poolside at the Ohla Hotel in Barcelona, Spain - Halloween: 2016
Described as a hybrid form of poetry referred to as Prose-Poetry
Rated: E
~105 Words
*Dollar* 150 GPs per review
Mystery, Nonsense, Supernatural
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 years ago
A Witch Makes Magic for the Villagers with Some Extraordinary Results!
Rated: E
~1,427 Words
Children's, Folklore, Comedy
Type: Fiction
Updated about a year ago
    Rated: 18+ · Thriller/Suspense · #2220781
    A revised short thriller written for a contest: 260 words
    Rated: ASR · Arts · #2229536
    A small collection
    Rated: E · Animal · #2220757
    Not a Poem - 50 words describe this creature's life...
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