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I began writing poetry in 2000. I made my first attempt at a story in 2005. The majority of my writing has been Christian-themed poems, with a few military-themed ones as well. I am still trying to develop an ability to weave a full story in the space of a flash fiction or short story. I have written several pieces of short fiction, but I tend to do better with longer stories. I enjoy making the attempt at writing short fiction. I still write Christian-themed poetry and fiction and have attempted military-themed writings. I also have made attempts at horror and fantasy writings. I also enjoy writing about some of my personal thoughts.
A poem written as if my Dad's old tractor had feelings and emotions,
Rated: E
~252 Words
Family, Death, Personal
Type: Poetry
Updated 6 months ago
A poem describing how my life is like Martha's, while I desire for it to be like Mary's.
Rated: E
~291 Words
Religious, Personal, Contest Entry
Type: Poetry
Updated 8 months ago
A fantasy story based on some events in the life of Hannah our sweet dog who passed.
Rated: E
~856 Words
Contest Entry, Animal, Fantasy
Type: Short Story
Updated 7 months ago
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