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I'm retired from public service, with multiple academic degrees. I'm slowing down. My main interest these days is painting. I have arthritis in my hands, and may not be able to paint the way I want much longer. I I've been a Buddhist since early Hippie days in '60's San Francisco. Raised on a remote ranch in southern Arizona, I've traveled widely, but remain in love with the desert.. As a member of WDC, my writing has improved considerably over the past 7 years. My friends in Chat sparked some interest in publishing, but that isn't likley. I have a manuscript of short stories that I intend editing in 2015-2017. Read and enjoy.
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    Short stories that folks seem to like.
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    Stories written before 2011, or substantially rewritten from older material.
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    These are stories requiring little additional editing/rewriting.
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    Older stories that are pretty much finished.
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    Comments & suggestions welcome
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    Asherman non-fiction: essays, comments, editorials, etc. on a wide variety of subjects.
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    Paintings & Drawings
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    Oh what a difference a change in weather can make.
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