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A career oriented mother of two boys exploring a softer creative side. I love reading and every once in awhile the mood strikes me to write or create. Stifling it only adds to my neurosis. Lately I fell called to find my deeper purpose and the connection is a cross between children and mental health. You will find those themes in much of my writings.
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    A poem about Depression
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    Mental Health Care 100 years ago
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    Living with anxiety and depression
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    I see a blue bookmark with a small yellow star...
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    Prompt: You wake up in the middle of a...
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    A word to new writers; a reminder for the practiced
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    A quiz on getting to know your chakras
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    Poems told in the voice of a child
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    Contests help me my creativity. Here's some of the results.
    Rated: ASR · Biographical · #2137592
    A single statement changes my life
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