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Since October 14, 2009
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Retired USAF master sergeant, writer of adult and children's poetry, as well as essays--both serious and humorous. Avid animal lover and I love both writing AND reading. Currently, I am transitioning from a 9 to 5 job to working as a freelance writer. I live in Southern Indiana with my 2 cats: Fussbudget and Jabberwocky.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1608995
    Students get revenge on an unkempt, vocabulary-challenged peer--a legend in his own mind.
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1608958
    A humorous take on an often mundane, and messy, chore.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #1608952
    Poem about the pain of reaching out and risking yourself yet still needing other people.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1608950
    A poem for teenagers that addresses adults' inability to communicate.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1608378
    Tongue-in-cheek description of a last-ditch plan to lose those last few stubborn pounds.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1608372
    A lament about love that burned itself out much too quickly.
    Rated: 18+ · Relationship · #1608371
    Wordplay describing the physical aspect of a relationship and its abrupt ending.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1608355
    Just rambling thoughts from a melancholy time.....
    Rated: E · Children's · #1608321
    A children's poem to illustrate that diversity can be fun and should be celebrated.
    Rated: E · Computers · #1608314
    The story of a computer newbie mom who decides to become cyber savvy like her children.
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