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Is it better to look or listen? Welcome! When I write, I try to emotionally involve the reader in my story. If you happen by and take the time to read something, you will put a big smile on my face by letting me know your opinion of my work. I love wdc*Heart*. Many thanks to ~I'm Back And Excited~ for nominating me to be a Rising Star! And my deepest gratitude to Gambling Vampire and the Paper Dolls, "The Paper Doll Gang Home Page, for helping me find my way around this site. If you need in-depth writing courses, click here, "New Horizons Academy
One spot to keep short stories about places, people, events, and pets I remember.
Rated: E
36 Entries
Biographical, Experience, Family
Type: Collection
Updated 8 months ago
Day to day stuff....a memoir without order.
Rated: 13+
625 Entries
Biographical, Experience, Personal
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 24 days ago
My collection of flash fiction entries.
Rated: ASR
14 Entries
Type: Collection
Updated 4 years ago
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