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"My Bio There is a river of imagination in my mind where stories are like boats, and as they start down the waterway some are wrecked and lost beyond recall upon its shallow shores. But a few, a very few, stay the course, endure the testing's of time, and live to tell their tale.
In an asylum for the criminally insane, a young orderly discovers true possession...
Rated: 18+
~4,551 Words
Horror/Scary, Thriller/Suspense, Occult
Type: Short Story
Updated 4 months ago
Two lost children search for their mother
Rated: 13+
~6,959 Words
Horror/Scary, Thriller/Suspense, Supernatural
Type: Novella
Updated 2 months ago
A writer finds an old photograph and discovers a horrifying secret...
Rated: 18+
~4,427 Words
Horror/Scary, Supernatural, Drama
Type: Short Story
Updated 2 months ago
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