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         Jack Tyler, at your service. Son of a navy diver and a professional gambler, I joined the navy to dodge the draft, sailed a wooden ship in a navy made of steel, and cruised the Orient on the deck of a tanker, and all before my 21st birthday. That's mom and me in the 1952 picture. I was three; she was the gambler. First made my name in steampunk where I earned my classy sobriquet, and have branched out into other genres. The colorful traditions into which I was born continue to inform my writing, most of which is available for free here in my portfolio, so settle back and let me entertain you. Let's take a ride together...
An interactive exercise in creativity that all Americans past a certain age will remember.
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A sampler of works by the members of Dreamweaver Bar & Grill
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Monthly award for writing excellence.
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