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I'm an older young writer. I've written since I was little, but I never shared my work until I met Schnujo's Veiled Evil at NaNoWriMo. She invited me to the friendly scene at WdC, and here I've been able to let go of fears that prevented me from growing and changing for too long. I discovered a passion for learning, experimenting, and challenging myself in my writing. Please take a look around. I'd love to receive your honest, critical reviews that offer your insights into improving my work. Thanks for visiting! *HeartV* Promoted to Preferred Author July 21, 2022
Offering a wide variety of images! Come see what strikes your fancy!
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You don't have to be queer to shop here, all you need is a heart.
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Folder to hold items for Unstable(d) Cycle 4, October Novel Prep Challenge, & NaNoWriMo
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