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I'm a teacher by trade and a writer by nature. When I'm not fiddling with words, I draw/paint/design things, self-study languages, and feed my cat. Even when I don't post here, I'm always writing. I've published a few stories in literary journals and small print anthologies, but my goal is to publish a novel. Until then, I'll labor and rage at my keyboard in hopes of improving. Looking for a deleted static item? Try "Poetry Collection or "Short Prose Compilation
A compilation of short fiction, backed up for space-efficiency.
Rated: 18+
36 Entries
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama
Type: Collection
Updated about a month ago
I want—desperately , for the first time in years—to feel like a child.
Rated: GC
~4,821 Words
Drama, Friendship, Paranormal
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 months ago
A collection for new poetry, rough and fresh from my strange brain.
Rated: 18+
57 Entries
Nature, Dark, Inspirational
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 2 months ago
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