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My main project has been the completion of a memoir recounting the bullying I endured in my teenage years and its long term consequences. I now plan to do a second version and flesh it out a bit, as the original is a bit 'bare bones'.
Any item in my portfolio with a "Biographical" genre relates to this subject, so be warned before you go exploring.
When not hammering away at this autobiography I do occasional contests, write lots of nonsense and conspicuously fall short on the reviewing front. *Smile*
Entry for the November 2023 Humorous Poetry contest. (Winner)
Rated: 18+
~220 Words
Contest Entry, Comedy, Nonsense
Type: Poetry
Updated 4 months ago
Writer's Cramp, January 16 2024 (Winner) & Newbie Poetry Contest, February 2024 (Winner)
Rated: 13+
~478 Words
Contest Entry, Family, Nonsense
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
Memoir. A quiet teenage boy struggles to cope when school bullying takes a sadistic turn.
Rated: 18+
10 Entries
Biographical, Personal, Experience
Type: Novella
Updated 4 months ago
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