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I am kind of a Jack of all trades who likes Shoujo- Manga/Anime, RPGs, and Giantesses. The Realm of Fantasy is the place where real freedom can be found. Just to avoid confusion, I am male tending to wear a beard (not always).
    Rated: GC · Fantasy · #124516
    This folder is to contain my fantasy stories (as soon as they are written :) )
    Rated: XGC · Erotica · #113885
    Items in this folder are dealing with subjects of a macrophile nature. Adults Only!
    Rated: GC · Political · #356542
    A look at child pornography and rorikon Manga
    Rated: 18+ · Arts · #346175
    This is an attempt to assemble my views on art
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1720066
    Files related to my go at NaNoWriMo 2010; including the story as it is being written.
    Rated: ASR · Opinion · #120764
    Should an interactive have one consistent reality or should the threads be isolated?
    Rated: ASR · Opinion · #120763
    Do you want interactive stories to concentrate on a few threads, or should there be many?
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