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Decided this needed an update. I'm 33, A bachelor (ladies *wink*) and hope to one day have my stories read by millions. To me writing is more than just words on a page. and characters are more than just devices to move the story forward and introduce dialogue. For me, each and every world I create, ever character, every plot, are living breathing things. as real as you or I, even if they only exist within the page of a book. I try to convey that with every story I write, and I hope you enjoy anything you find within my portfolio.
The story Of Jed, a boy aspiring to become a legend.
Rated: 13+
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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Type: Novel
Updated 6 years ago
Gods playing with mortal lives, a great war on the horizon, a prophesy come to fruition
Rated: E
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*Dollar* 525 GPs per review
Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Supernatural
Type: Novel
Updated 5 years ago
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