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Greetings my fellow readers, I'm Ryan, a writer. I encourage you to talk with me through emails about anything you want to talk about and I will make additions to stories when asked, but depending on what it is. I will be happy to give those who need ideas and I do consider friendship important. I like to meet new people or new friends. i'm happy so that means I can write chapters. I will reply to your emails when I can. As they say in the show business: "Let the show begin."
My version is like the other two, but this person will be different from the others
Rated: 13+
71 Chapters
Family, Fantasy, Romance/Love
Type: Interactive
Updated 5 years ago
This is where I put together old stories into a one group.
Rated: 18+
92 Chapters
Drama, Fantasy, Personal
Type: Interactive
Updated 4 years ago
My collection of anime.
Rated: 18+
160 Chapters
Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance/Love
Type: Interactive
Updated 12 months ago
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