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Since April 11, 2011
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The name's Kirby Ray, and you won't soon forget it! I've always been interested in writing, and while I've worked on material on and off for years, I'm finally committing to it as more than just a hobby. My mind works at a mile a minute, and I'm always thinking of new ideas for the next big thing--whatever it may be! Here, you'll find fiction in any number of genres, from fantasy to science-fiction, superhero to horror, and so much more. Whatever pops into my head will make it to this page before you know it! I hope you'll enjoy my works and keep coming back for more, because I've got big plans coming, and you won't want to miss them!
    Rated: E · Young Adult · #2195124
    A dark and sinister army makes itself known to the world...
    Rated: E · Young Adult · #2194074
    Jay Smith starts high school, joined by her best friends and a most eclectic cast.
    Rated: E · Young Adult · #2193440
    In which Jaiyesimi tries to help her grandfather solve the mystery of the Primogenitors.
    Rated: ASR · Sci-fi · #2189573
    Taketori no Okina tells his story in a new take on this old, Japanese folk tale.
    Rated: ASR · History · #2180836
    A sample of a new project I am working on, for any fans of superheroes and history.
    Rated: E · Satire · #2020395
    Some heroes stop evil monsters. Some stop evil aliens. Phantasmic stops evil roaches.
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #2020200
    Notes from the desk of the esteemed Professor Maple of Pebble Town of Gamelon.
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/dominimon777