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Gulp DragonDawn is the last Cosmic Dragon, the most powerful & largest of all dragon species. Friendly, protective, & helpful. He offers rides & power to dragon lovers & protectors, especially if they want to become huge dragons. Yani was the human bounty hunter Samas Aran, aka "The Hunter" or "The Hatchling". Corrupted by phazon & having absorbed the SA-X, she's now mutated into an electric dark-blue Phazon Cosmic dragoness. She has the DNA & powers of Gulp, Dark Samas, Chozo, metroid, & X parasite. She lives on Tallon IV exporing planets to phaze into other bodies to possess as her own & feeds on energy to boost her size & corruptive state.
Buy eggs, hatch dragons, win GP & MB!
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Get your dragon, wolf, or fox/vixen character of your dreams!
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This writing is my hobby. Includes novellas, dreams, polls/surveys, interactives, & more!
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