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Hi, My name is Barbie. I'm 50 years old. I have a service dog, Buddy. My writing tells a lot about me. So any comments will be read and used. Even about my Bio Block, so read and then give me a buzz. This was my eighth NaNoWriMo. Interested in reading my past novels first drafts as well as other things related: "Things In Relation To NaNoWriMo . I am also pretty busy off-site as well. If I'm not on here then you will most likely find me on http://uhlegacy.yuku.com where I am an Admin. You can find items here:"In Memory of Jeffery Nichols [ASR] Enjoy Reading and Write On!
This shop has encouragement c-notes. The GP raised will help three worthy groups and me.
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This a blog about my journey as a writer. I'll update daily.Enjoy!
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This folder contains all my Contest and copies of my reviews for the I Write Activity.
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