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I've been in the Army since May, 2007. I am a pianist more than anything. My writing has been very emotionally focused in the past, but I find I don't have many emotions left. Hopefully, I'll get something out to everyone that connects.
It is about dragons putting on a show and it ending because they are too clumsy.
Rated: E
~216 Words
Comedy, Mythology, Satire
Type: Poetry
Updated 14 years ago
I wrote this to a girl when I was a senior in highschool. Was one of the happier moments.
Rated: E
~79 Words
Romance/Love, Fantasy, Relationship
Type: Prose
Updated 14 years ago
    Rated: E · Other · #1773083
    Contains Signatures and other images.
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    Stories for just about everything.
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    Just about everything else.
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    Contest stuff, and some other really good writes.
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    Things that make You think!!!
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