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Age: 32 - Gender: Non-binary - I've a sordid past and an imagination that is most active in nightmare form. Most of my writings reflect that. Or they are an expression of a level of empathy that often causes me more pain than good. Sometimes it's possible to just feel too much, and the only way I have found to blunt the edge of that blade is to scrape words onto paper until the point of the lead snaps. What I post here is usually the result of said scrapings. Trying to branch out into dark comedy.
Demons, Wizards, and Dogs - Oh My!
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Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Supernatural
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Updated about a year ago
First Place in the Full Moon Rising fantasy short story contest! Part two coming soon.
Rated: ASR
~5,166 Words
Fantasy, Folklore, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
Updated about a year ago
Greg is terrified and trying to escape to a safer planet, but can he make it out alive?
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~1,411 Words
Sci-fi, Technology, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
Updated 11 months ago
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